Corktown #1

Corktown #1 is a 25-page, standard size, B&W comic written by Mario Candelaria with art by Scott Ewen and lettering by Zakk Saam. Published by Alterna Comics.

Detroit has seen better days and in these bleak times things have gotten even darker for the Corktown area of the Motor City. A strange creature is hunting, killing, and draining the blood from unsuspecting citizens. A former detective and recent victim of the creature, and now a ghost, attempts to help those that have been attacked while at the same time trying to destroy the creature and its demonic offspring!

The story is set in winter time and the art really captures that cold, gloomy atmosphere. The characters and backgrounds are all well done with plenty of detail and consistency. The writing pulls the reader into the story up front by making the reader a witness to the evil lurking in the Detroit shadows without providing any backstory to explain what’s happening. As the story progresses the details are revealed and all the pieces begin to fall into place. It’s nice to read a story where the writer doesn’t feel the need to spoon feed everything, but chooses instead to allow the reader to digest the story on their own and discover the secrets that hide in the shadows!

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