For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Hourly Comic Day 2015

For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Hourly Comic Day 2015 by Robb Mirsky! Hourly Comic Day 2015 is a 20-page, B&W, non-traditional mini-comic published by Life Without Parole Comics.

Robb writes that this comic was drawn over the course of 18 hours on Hourly Comic Day in 2015. Each page is broken up into three panels and labeled with the hour of the day. Throughout the Hourly Comic Day Robb documents the tedium of a lanky bird dad as he wakes up with a crying baby, searches for inspiration for his hourly comic, blows off family to work on his comic, waste time rather than draw his comic, deals with distractions, fantasies about getting high, and finally gives into exhaustion!

Robb’s comics are always a fun read with incredible craftsmanship and Hourly Comic Day 2015 is no exception! So much quality story and art is stuffed into these 20 mini pages that it puts many of the larger, big name, professionally produced comics to shame! See what you’ve been missing by turning on to mini-comic through the pages of Robb Mirsky’s Hourly Comic Day 2015 and other titles at and check out Robb on
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