The Fuzzy Princess #1

The Fuzzy Princess #1 is a 36-page, standard size, full color comic written and illustrated by Charles Brubaker and published by Smallbug Press.

Charles pens another funny story complete with jocular characters and comical twists, and illustrates it with bright and cartoony clean lines and amusing action! In this new comic from Charles a talking cat princess named Kat from the kingdom of St. Paws crash lands a flying box into the head of a bully in a strange and unknown world. In the process Kat loses her two royal escorts, but befriends a brother and sister! The siblings offer shelter to the stranded princess while she helps them with the bully and his cohorts! Charles also includes short “Koko” and “Jodo” pieces, plus an “Ask a Cat” single pager on the back cover!

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