Cornelia Cartoons #13

Cornelia Cartoons #13 is a 20-page, digest size (or a little wider), B&W comic written & illustrated by Kel M. Crum and published by Dangerous Bird Productions

Cornelia seeks entertainment enlightenment and attains nirvana, but not without sharing her new found awareness with her parents! Next Corny finds herself in a debate regarding veganism and vegetable rights! Then Kel gives Corny a break and takes us to the “Hall of Goodness” where we meet Superperson, Batperson, Wonderperson, Flashyperson, Person-With Lantern, Martian Person-Hunter, and Aquaperson! This “Good Person Group” sets about doing good things like participating in peace talks, cleaning oil spills, enforcing traffic laws, cleaning the “Hall of Goodness,” and yard work. Turns out Flashyperson has some dated ideas on equality and gender roles! 

Kel’s writing for Cornelia is always full of well-paced humor and gags. His cartoonish take on the cast of the Justice League in this issue is just as funny! Kel’s art is free flowing and loose with plenty of exaggerated movement and features sure to tickle your funny bone! Tie a towel around your neck and go up, up, and away to Dangerous Bird Productions and Cornelia Cartoons #13 at

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