Chronicles of Terror #1

Chronicles of Terror #1 is a 142-page, standard size, full color horror anthology. Cover art by John Murphy and cover colors by Nathan Walkington. Scripting by Nikki Sherman, editing by Kim Roberts, and art direction by John Murphy. Published by WP Comics, Ltd. 

This massive anthology has a total of 25 spooky stories rising from the collective creepy talents of more than 50 fear infested fiends! This tome of terror tales include: 

Beauty (Kim Roberts, Nathan Walkington, Nikki Sherman)An ugly duckling looking for the same kind of attention her girlfriends attract finally gets a chance to have it all…but at what cost?! 

Borderline (Shuvorup Bhattacharjee, art by Ananth Maruthi & Gowra Hari) Ghostly girls want revenge and use a wounded man to get it! 

Christian’s Necronomicon (Steven Williams, Ruan Cabral, Nikki Sherman) A young victim of bullying finds himself all alone and unable to fight back…until he discovers an ancient bookstore and a magical book that more than equals the odds! 

Can We Come In (Micheal Gordon, Brian Azcurra, Nikki Sherman) A couple of lost kids show up at the front door asking if they can come inside to use the phone. What could possibly be wrong with that? Jason and his mom will soon find out! 

Down to the Woods (Paul Bradford, Luciano Fleitas) Some kids playing ball near the woods spot a cute a bear and decide to follow it into the shadows. Playtime is about to get un-bearable! 

Dreadful Sorry (Boris Pecikozi, Trevor Talbott, Nikki Sherman) Here’s a unique and illustrated take on the ol’ campfire song “Oh My Darling Clementine!” 

In The Lair of The Necromancer (JoJo King, Daniel Simmonds, Nikki Sherman) A sword and sandal story about the fall of a kingdom, the rise of a vengeance seeking warrior, and a bloody dark twist! 

Insanitarium (Chris Gates, Haraldo) A young man conceived, born, and brought up in a mental institution where his mother was committed is sent out into the real world. His adjustment to life outside doesn’t go so well, so his takes matters into his own hands to prove where he really belongs! 

The Mirror (Kim Roberts, Denis Vermesse, Nikki Sherman) A woman’s dead brother reaches out to her for help…through a mystical mirror that harbors more than just reflections! 

Four Days (BP Johnson, Dominic Aveiro) The zombie apocalypse has started, and here’s how the internet responds! 

No One Checks Out (Pietro Vaughan, Kim Roberts, Nikki Sherman) A romantic rendezvous ends with a head turning twist when two lovers are joined by an unwelcomed surprise third party! 

Shots Between Fangs (Angelo Dias, Dann Franco, Raq Rodrigues, Raphael Andrade) Biters, bullets, and blood fill the pages of this hard boiled horror tale! 

Somewhere in the Dark (Bryan Hoover, Elvin Correa, Nikki Sherman) A man is made to pay for his past sins by a manipulative creature that isn’t everything it seems to be! 

The Forest (Troy Vevasis, Joseba Morales) Evil lurks deep in the forest and seeks to deceive the good hearted to feed its hunger! 

The Accident (Kim Roberts, Cristian Navarro, Nikki Sherman) A group a friends enjoying a night of drinking think they’ve accidentally killed an innocent woman. How they choose to deal with the situation proves to be wrong…dead wrong! 

The Housewarming Gift (Nikki Sherman, Gregory Floch) A firebug takes the term “housewarming” a little too literal! 

Kingdoms of Dream (Federico De Luca) The weak dream of being strong but wake to a reality that doesn’t live up to their fantasies! 

The Highest Bid (Eric Gahagan, Halil Mete, Nikki Sherman) A piece in a collector’s collection has a sinister will of its own and takes possession of its collector! 

Together Forever (Alexandar Altman, Borislav Maljenovic, Angel RD, Cristian Docolomansky) A grieving mother just can’t move on after a family tragedy. What’s a lonely woman to do! 

Yesterday’s Shadow (Rafael Theller, Cristian Navarro) A ghost of the future seeks to right a wrong by returning to the past and changing how things are seen! 

Watchmaker (Carlos Silva, Filipe Duarte, Nadia Carmo) A broken woman searches for healing while another studies death in a search for life! 

Voodoo Curse (Kim Roberts, John Murphy, Davi Comodo, Nikki Sherman) A recently widowed wife goes to extreme measures to be reunited with her husband, but what comes back has other plans! 

Hell House (Jack Wallace, Francesco Conte, Chris Allen) The ghost of a grandfather appears to his granddaughter in a dream, then sends her and her boyfriend on a terror filled task. 

And finally, buried throughout the plots between the above mentioned creations, are an eerie ensemble of ads featuring a “Romero Shriek Meal,” a personal ad for a vampire, and beauty products for the undead! 

It should come as no surprise that with so many talents combined into one publication, this is a feast of varied writing and illustrative styles you can gorge yourself on for hours! The stories are refreshingly original and the art spans everything from manga to the more traditional detailed realism of western comics! Some of the pieces are B&W while others are color. All of the stories stay true to the horror theme of the comic and deliver the chills with some very unique twists and thought provoking endings! 

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