Fiver Fun Comics #2

For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Fiver Fun Comics #2 a 24-page, B&W, mini-comic anthology featuring works by past and honorary members of the Amateur Press Association APA-5 including Eraklis Petmezas, Kevin Atkinson, David Price, Chris Reilly, Dale Martin, Brian Leonard, J.T. Davidson, Andy Nukes, Brien Wayne Powell, Charles Brubaker. Edited and published by Tom Davidson. 

In Swamp of Fools Kevin Atkinson, David Price, and Chris Reilly take Flagman and Mud Girl on a search for a train in a swamp while beings in a flying saucer seek to take possession of Flagman’s iMac! Next J.T. Davidson takes us to the Lost & Found where we find two different perspectives on work and discarded items! Then we’re treated to a collection of Andy Nukes’ illustrations! Following that Dale Martin gives us a stand-up routine in Bad Joke Funnies featuring Watusi the Talking Dog! Brian Leonard brings us the monstrous tale of why home owners need insurance in Going to the City…Gonna Have Some Fun! And Brien Wayne Powell reveals what wrestlers do during their down time in Boogie & Broadway in…The New Hobby! Then Charles Brubaker closes things out with an introspective cat questioning commitments! 

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