Freelance Blues #6

Freelance Blues #6 is a 26-page, standard size comic written by Ian Daffern & Mike Leone, art by Becca T-R, and cover by John Lang. Published by Alterna Comics

After dealing with the worst of the weirdest, Lance Bunkman brings his extraordinary employment epic to a close. While rushing to a funeral Lance encounters not only a morbid mortician and a hulking hunch-baked assistant, but also a raging monster made from the dead! But all is not lost, as Lance uncovers the sinister secrets that have been driving his curious and creepy career! 

Once again the art really pops in this comic! It’s clean, polished, and consistent throughout the issue. There’s plenty of detail filling every page but not too much to distract from the main imagery or story. The writing is fun and full of twists that keep the pages turning as we discover more and more about our accidental hero in this unique and enjoyable series! 

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