A 24-Hour Comic

For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…A 24-Hour Comic http://bit.ly/2d8kUIH by Tatum Bowie! A 24-Hour Comic is a 24-page, digest size, B&W, comic zine. 

In this comic Tatum tells the story of an under caffeinated world of the future where coffee can only be found as a display in museums. To get that much needed morning jolt people are forced to inject themselves with a commercial product sold to them by a big company. But the “shot” can’t replace that ever palate pleasing taste of a real cup of Joe, so two determined java junkies decide to steal it! 

Tatum states this comic, as the name implies, was made over a 24-hour period. Since it was a rush job there’s not a lot of attention paid to the subtle details, but rather more devotion is given to the overall gestures, movements, and action of the story. Join Tatum in the pages of A 24-Hour Comic as she hurls a giant robot, thieves, and coffee beans at you, and find more of Tatum’s art at http://bit.ly/2d8kUIH!

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2dxXtMq

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