Radiation Burn

Radiation Burn http://bit.ly/2aDb2Ii is a 77-page, color with B&W pages, Sci-Fi fantasy comic written and illustrated by James Johnson. Published by WP Comics

James Johnson serves up three interrelated tales plus one standalone story and even some extras in this behemoth of a comic! We start out with an introduction to Jed and Mick, a young man and his death dealing android friend. The two quickly find themselves on the receiving end of mutant scorn and threats of bodily harm as they attempt to navigate the delicate powers that maintain the balance in a town called Dead Tree! Next we get up to some mischief with a couple of misshapen kids in Lil’ Mutants: Hometown Hijinks! Then we reunite with Zed and Mick as they encounter a mobile subterranean worm city with the help of the Son of a Demon! And we end the saga of Jed and Mick with Fairwell, but that’s not the end! James throws in a few Extras that give us an inside look at early strips, sketches, and finished apocalyptic mutant art! 

With Radiation Burn James has created a fun, mature comic set in a bleak future where feral mutants inhabit the land, demons intervene in human affairs, and people do what they need to in order to survive. The writing is full of action as characters are revealed to the reader and the plot thickens to move the story ahead at a comfortable pace. The use of chapters helps to break up the action into segments that effectively exposes the reader to the different areas and occupants of this irradiated world. The art transitions from black and white to color between chapters. Throughout the comic James maintains a constant, free flowing style to render the foreboding landscapes and grotesque mutants that perfectly fit the story, and he doesn’t shy away from scenes of graphic violence or nudity! 

You can enter the world of Radiation Burn at http://bit.ly/2aDb2Ii and find more from WP Comics at http://bit.ly/2cNuItZ

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2e8Dl4a

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