Scorched Earth & Other Stories

Scorched Earth & Other Stories is an 84-page, B&W, perfect bound comic written and illustrated by Tom Van Deusen. Published by Kilgore Books. 

This comic lives up to the name, Scorched Earth! In the 80 plus pages the main character, Tom, does just about everything any normal, decent person would not do! He makes his way through life offending and plodding over everyone that is unfortunate enough to be in his path and leaves a trail of burned bridges behind him. The main character is unlikable almost immediately. The guy is just such an asshole that you can’t not hate him…and somehow that makes him all the more entertaining. Each situation presents an opportunity for “Tom” to rise above his past misdeeds and redeem himself, but without failure Tom proves over and over again that there’s no low he won’t sink to! 

Tom Van Deusen does a great job of giving us a repulsive character that says and does all the things we sometimes wish we could. He easily embodies the worst of us and wallows in it with determination and glee! 

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