Chronicles of Terror #3

Chronicles of Terror #3 is an 88-page, full color, horror anthology featuring various artists and writers, plus an interview with “One Hundred Acres of Hell” film writer, creator, and executive producer Jason L. Koerner, and a piece on “Ghost Island” creator Joseph Oliviera. Published by WP Comics

This installment of Chronicles of Terror starts off with “Blizzard” by Jack Wallace, Dan Lauer, and Chris Allen. In this tale a group of explorers venture out into the cold and find some relief in a cave, but what secrets does the cave hold? 

In “Tale of Baron Urbenstein” by Troy Vevasis and Saul Haber, a wealthy baron comes face to face with a castle’s original owner. 

Next, in the story “Nightclaw” by Marta Tanrikulu, Ferrar Sellares, Juri H. Chinchilla, and E.T. Dollman, a mysterious killer is targeting elderly women living alone, but who would harm the harmless? 

Then, in the silent “Malum Medicum” by James Johnson, a man awakes to find his actions being controlled by an outside force and a strange object attached to his back! 

As we continue we are treated with “Dracustein” by Kim Roberts, Martinho Abreu, and Chris Allen. In this twisted tale Dracula himself assumes the role of Dr. Frankenstein as he creates his own female companion with the help of the Mummy! 

What would you do when confronted with the “Attack of the Zombie Penquins” by Austin Allen Hamblin, Kurt Belcher, and Mindy Lopkin. When penguins start appearing all over the place and become an accepted part of society, it can only lead to bad things…zombies, zombie penguins! 

In “Georgie Porgie” by James Johnson we find a pasty, overweight child-man living through a virtual world that he is plugged into, indulging in his fantasies at all cost! 

It’s “Almost Midnight” by John Osbourne, Pietro Vaughan, and Nikki Sherman, and one woman turns to the Black Arts to manipulate time and space! 

Jo Jo King, M.C. Carper, and Nikki Sherman give us “Demons.” The dark tale of a priest bent on ridding the earth of demons, demons only he can see hiding in the skins of everyday people! 

In “Voices in the Woods,” Kim Roberts, Alexandre Carvalho, and Nikki Sherman give us a ghost story about a haunted patch in the darkness that lures the unsuspecting to their doom! 

Later in “Your Life is Mine” by Samuel Debono, Daniel Simmonds, and Nikki Sherman, an anniversary getaway turns out to be a little more one sided than expected when one half of a couple gives more than the other! 

Then in “At Night, She Sings” by Malcom Mcleod, Brian Rogers, Ryoshi Micchi, and Nikki Sherman, a grave robber collects an uneasy payment from a wealthy client! 

Next in “Hell-O-Ween” by Julio Paz Y Vadala and Cesar Eduardo, masked demons spice up Halloween with some harmful hijinks! 

And lastly we have “Bernie in Hell” by Jeff Dyer, Vladimir Kuzmanov, and Vladimir Popov. In this closing story a father and husband takes us through the transition from life to death as he and his family succumb to injuries from an accident and enter the afterlife…but they’re not all destined for the same place! 

Great horror stories combined with a delightful mix of art fill the pages of Chronicles of Terror #3 and you can get it all at and find more at

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