The Plunge

The Plunge is a 48-page, B&W, digest sized comic written and illustrated by Emi Gennis. Published by Kilgore Books

Here’s a true story about the first person to go over Niagara Falls…and live! This is an amazing story that I was not familiar with. I was so taken by this comic that I immediately gave it to my 11-year old son after I finished it, thinking he too would be blown away by the story. Nope, he already knew all about it. He informed me he had looked up Niagara Falls awhile back and read all about the fascinating life of Annie Edson Taylor! He did enjoy the comic and really liked reading the story in comic form. I, not being as knowledgeable on the subject, was blown away. This really is an amazing story about an amazing person! Emi Gennis does an outstanding job telling this tale through sequential images with clean and polished lines and creative compositions. The art effortlessly captures the time period and takes the reader back to a different time when a feat like that accomplished by Ms. Taylor was even more extraordinary! 

You can go over the falls with The Plunge at

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