Inheritance is a 42-page, B&W, standard size comic written by James D. Schumacher III and illustrated by James Burton. Published by WP Comics

A family is haunted by a curse placed on them by a great-grandfather. Some years later the youngest child of the family has inherited “the two sights,” an ability to see between the here and now and what lays ahead! But is this curse and its Inheritance just the mad ramblings of an ill person with a fragile mind, or is it real?! 

The writing here does a great job of taking the reader back and forth between the past and present as it explains the family’s unfortunate history. The characters are well developed and easily distinguished by their motivations. The art nicely captures an atmosphere of fear and dread. Just about each page is loaded with heavy shadows, grey tones, and an ample amount of rain. All characters are given individual appearances and their likenesses are maintained throughout the comic. 

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