The Disgruntled Avenger #113

The Disgruntled Avenger #113 is an 18-page, standard size, B&W comic with full color cover written and illustrated by Shannon Gretzon. Published by Exspastic Comics

You can bet when you read a Shannon Gretzon comic it will be one weird trip with amazing stylized art, and The Disgruntled Avenger is just that! I’ve been a fan of this comic since the beginning and now here we are at issue 113! That alone is an awesome accomplishment for an indie comic creator, but Shannon delivers so much more. The writing throughout this series is a wild, twisted, tale of fantastical absurdity stuffed with bizarre characters and even stranger plots! In this issue we begin with an entertainment news broadcast about a mostly dead punk rock group that’s reformed for a world tour with all the original members! Then there’s the tentacle headed, bunny slippers wearing guy in the airplane, and the voodoo witch doctor, and the unusual delivery means of the Burger World Holy Corporate Sacrament, just to name a few things that weave their way through this issue! Like I said (or wrote), The Disgruntled Avenger is a whole new and distinctive experience when it comes to comics! For a truly unique read backed up with visually imaginative art, you can’t go wrong with The Disgruntled Avenger! I recommend you jump in with three or four issues to help you acclimate to this peculiar continuing comic story! 

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