Berserkotron is a 70-page, digest size, perfect bound, B&W (with some color pieces) comic written and illustrated by David Robertson. Published by Fred Egg Comics

Three friends find themselves at the end of childhood and transitioning into adulthood. Two are finishing their last year of school while the other has already left school and taken a part-time job. As the central character, Bert, ponders what he’ll do following school, his friend Ronnie has built a robot, the Berserkotron, and, with Bert’s help, prepares to enter it in a “Robot Wars” completion! Throughout the story Bert, Ronnie, and their other friend Melvyn interact with “Robot Wars’ competitors, school mates, and parents. 

Berserkotron is a great coming of age comic! David keeps the art simple with minimal details and sparse backgrounds. He effectively builds the story through strong but subtle character development. The lives led by the characters, their hopes, disappointments, and future concerns are all believable and told in a relatable fashion that pulls the reader in and keeps them engaged in the story! 

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