Izzy Challenge #5

For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Izzy Challenge #5 http://bit.ly/2hLWcDl This is a 16-page, B&W, digest size comic jam created by J.B. Winter and featuring 50 different artists! 

J.B. Winter had the neat idea of sending small press artists in each of the 50 states a panel with only his character Izzy posing in it and asking those artists to fill in the panel in some fashion and add a brief narrative to represent their state and explain what Izzy was doing! The result, a great collection of 50+ single panel cartoons representing styles as diverse as the country itself! The contributors are: Alabama, Kirk Creel; Alaska, Lee Post; Arizona, Keith O’Brien; Arkansas, Kenneth Siemens; California, Jeff Plotkin; Colorado, T. Motley; Connecticut, Isaac Cates; Delaware, Margaret Crosby; Florida, Mark Morehouse; Georgia, Jon Chad; Hawaii, Jon Murakami; Idaho, Steve Willhite; Illinois, Joshua W. Cotter; Indiana, Tom Cherry; Iowa, Brian Payne; Kansas, Dale Martin; Kentucky, Steven Doty; Louisiana, Jason Reeves; Maine, Michelle Souliere; Maryland, Michael Munshaw; Massachusetts, Larry Johnson; Michigan, Matt Feazell; Minnesota, Danno; Mississippi, Darren Schwindaman; Missouri, JB Winter; Montana, Jason Jam; Nebraska, Scott Stewart; Nevada, Aberrant Press; New Hampshire, Colin Tedford; New Jersey, Mike Storniolo; New Mexico, Danny Green; New York, DC McNamara; North Carolina, Mark McMurray; North Dakota, Jason Siebels; Ohio, Max Ink; Oklahoma, KC Green; Oregon, Justin Kelly; Pennsylvania, Steve Peters; Rhode Island, Jack Turnbull; South Carolina, J. Chris Campbell; South Dakota, Sarah Morean; Tennessee, Kevin Williams; Texas, Barry Rodges; Utah, Nick Perkins; Vermont, Mogan Pielli; Virginia,Brien Wayne Powell; Washington, Mark Campos; West Virginia, Raven Perez; Wisconsin, Tea Krulos; and Wyoming, Gloria Pike. 

I’m not sure if you can get this issue anymore, I got it through the Mini Comix Co-Op at http://bit.ly/2hQKd4y but you can check out D. B. Winter’s site to see what’s available at http://bit.ly/2hLWcDl and http://etsy.me/2hLEGiy

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2hQLhFC

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