The Repercussionists #2

The Repercussionists #2 is a 32-page, kaiju comic, written and illustrated by Matthew Anderson and Eric Meyer. Published by EMMA Studios.

Betaman is back in the streets pounding the crap out of giant creatures from another dimension! Meanwhile The Repercussionists argue about the morality of killing monsters that are thrust into this world against their will and with no known malice toward its inhabitants. In addition the crew vent their frustration with their ace pilot’s habitual tardiness that only manages to prolong the workday. But, as the crew moves into position, something very strange happens with the scattered remnants of the vanquished beast and it might spell trouble for Betaman and The Repercussionists!

Once again Matthew and Eric turn out an enjoyable and gory story with plenty of action packed fighting and adult dialogue! The relationships between the characters continue to develop and explore the dynamics of the group. The illustrating chores also continue to be shared as in the previous issue, contributing a unique mix of styles that nicely complete the comic with fun and lively art!

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