Zelpha Comics Sampler

Zelpha Comics Sampler http://www.zelphacomics.com is a one-shot, 16-page, B&W anthology published, designed, and edited by creator and writer Luanga “Lue” Nuwame, with art by Mary Jane Works, Greg Merritt, and Dan Hammond.

In this sampler we get a first look at three very different types of stories being worked on by the creative teams at Zelpha Comics! The first is a peek at the ongoing series Paper, Rock, Scissors, N’ Stuff Wars! This tale is spun around the popular hand game of the same name, but in this clever telling Paper, Rock, and Scissors are all characters living in a world where they spy, conspire, and battle one another! Changing pace a bit, we are treated to a more innocent tale of a young girl and her wondrous world in The Adventures of Little Petalianne! This one is broken up into individual comic strips that are built around the title character and her nature friendly supporting cast! The final sampling is Harpy Vardith! This story revolves around a group of winged and talon equipped harpy sisters, three of whom must contend with crazy owl like creatures while another follows an even more peculiar being!

Lue introduces each installment with some background on the story and plans for its future. The previews offer a nice glimpse at three very different types of stories and storytelling. Each of the pieces are nicely drawn and the two continuing stories appear well planned and fleshed out with interesting characters, settings, and plot twists. The comic strip is equally impressive and provides Zelpha Comics with a springboard into yet another storytelling outlet!

Head over to http://www.zelphacomics.com and you can sample the goods for yourself!

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