Deiciders is a fantasy/horror one-shot comic set in the Viking Age by Pedro Mendes, André Mateus, & Vitor Mateus. Published by VMComics.

Set long ago in the past, a beggar offers a young man a story for a coin. As the storyteller begins we’re transported even further back in time to an age of gods and monsters, and to a place where a trio of hunters stalk the beasts that haunt villagers. In this particular instance the beasts are giant wolves!

The layout and pacing of this comic are spot on. The story unfolds gradually as the storyteller sets the scene and then proceeds to take the reader on a journey of fantasy! The artwork is minimal and uncluttered but loaded with intricate line work and detailed hatching. Great use of shadows and silhouettes along with clean lines all combine to give Deiciders a distinctive look that works perfectly!

Travel back in time with Deiciders at and find more from Andre Mateus at

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