Mineshaft #42

Mineshaft #42 https://mineshaftmagazine.com/store.html is a 60-page, digest size, black and white, anthology featuring explosive "Angst Machine" cover art by Glenn Head & "3 Bears" back cover by R. Crumb, and packed with exciting new work from Glenn Head, R. Crumb, Sophie Crumb, Bill Griffith, Christoph Mueller, Fabio Vermelho, Drew Friedman, Max Clotfelter, Kian Radpouyan, Nathalie Tierce, Leanne Davies, Hurricane Ivan, Mary Fleener, Robert Armstrong, Joost Halbertsma, ...PLUS letters from R. Crumb, David Collier, Bill Griffith, Robt. Armstrong, Nathalie Tierce, Noah Van Sciver, Art Spiegelman, & MORE! Cover printed on French Paper Company Pop-Tone Banana Split Yellow 65 pound Cover Paper, and Kraft-Tone Speckled Yellow Manila 100 pound Cover Paper. $15.00

It’s great getting a new issue of Mineshaft in the mail! This zine always has great comics and art, and no wonder looking at the talent it attracts. In this issue I was extra impressed with Glen Head’s Angst Machines, a collection of neat splash pages full of abstract images. I also really enjoyed reading the latest installment from Max Clotfelter! Max’s comics have such a raw power to them that they pull the reader in and don’t let go! Everything else in this issue is equally enjoyable and impressive. I’ve been reading Mineshaft for a few years now and it never disappoints!

See for yourself by visiting the Mineshaft store at https://mineshaftmagazine.com/store.html