Losers Weepers #3

Losers Weepers #3 is a digest size (a little larger than that), 36-page, B&W comic published by Birdcage Bottom Books. 

Bear with me here. If you haven’t yet read Losers Weepers issues #1 and #2 you need to do so. Losers Weepers is a continuing story made up by J.T. Yost and inspired by details of strangers lives found in discarded notes and other scraps of paper. J.T. has carefully pieced together these details to form one continuous story that connects imaginary characters in a tale of shared misfortune. Again, if you haven’t been following along from the beginning you’ll miss the connections between the characters and the subtleties of the overall story. Read the first two issues! 

Okay, jumping into Losers Weepers #3, Tiger’s estranged wife Mami gets herself thrown in jail last issue after overreacting to a note placed on her car. In this issue Mami sends word to her adult son Alvaro that she needs to be bailed out and someone needs to watch her two young children. Alvaro, prior to hearing about his mom, is busy printing up flyers offering Spanish lessons in an attempt to generate some cash for himself. Once he learns of his mom’s situation Alvaro races home to scrape together whatever he can to help only to discover another inmate in the same lock-up as his mother had and still has a thing for his wife! Whew, that’s a lot of story derived from just three found notes! 

Combining a compelling story with great art, a flowing layout, and attractive lettering, J.T. Yost has proven within the pages of Losers Weepers that one man’s trash can indeed be another man’s treasure! And in this case we, the readers, are the ones that reap the rewards of J.T.’s ingenious story creation process!In this issue J.T. says there are only two issues of the series to go, so pick up Losers Weepers for yourself while you still can at Birdcage Bottom Books


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