Xerography Debt #35

Xerography Debt #35 is a 68-page, digest size, B&W review zine edited by Davida Gypsy Breier and published by Leeking Inc.

In this issue’s introduction to Xerography Debt Davida channels the curiosity of Tom Waits and Paul Gauguin as she explores the state of publishing and questions where we’re going and “What’s He (Amazon) Building In There?” Davida provides an insider as well as a zinester view of the publishing industry and the impact Amazon has had on it. In her essay she examines the motivation of Amazon, their relationship with authors, and the bleak future we appear to be headed toward.

In addition to Davida’s introduction there are also a handful of columns included in this issue. They are: Joe Biel’s The Best of Intentions, The Weirdest of Methods; Gianni Simone’s Gloomy Sundays, The Mail Art Interview project; Jeff Somers’ It Means It’s Wank, That Giant Sucking Sound; Josh Medsker’s Twenty-Four Hours; Kari Tervo’s Zinethropology; Ken Bausert’s Pete’s Mini Zine Fest; and Kris Mininger’s It Comes In The Mail: An Interview with Ned Brooks. Lots of enlightening and enjoyable stuff to appreciate!

As much as I dig reading Davida’s intros and the other guest columns, the real meat of Xerography Debt for me are the reviews! And the neat thing about Xerography Debt is that the reviewers only review publications they like, and they are free to write their reviews in a format of their choosing. The result is page after page of enthusiastic and informative descriptions of zines and comics from some really talented DIY’ers. In all there are around 50 pages of reviews in this issue written by: Andria Alefhi; Anne Thalheimer; D. Blake Werts; Davida Gypsy Breier; Eric Lyden; Frederick Moe; Fred Argoff; Gavin Grant; Joe Biel; Josh Medsker; Ken Bausert; Kris Mininger; Liz Mason; Maynard Welstead; and Stuart Stratu. Hope I didn’t miss anybody!

Xerography Debt is a great resource for learning about issues affecting the zine scene and for discovering what’s out there worth reading!

Get your copy, and learn how to submit your zine or comic for review, at Leeking Inc.


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