Loud Comix #3

Loud Comix #3

Loud Comix #3 is a digest size, 36-page B&W comic illustrated by Jamie Vayda with stories from Alan King, Erika Lane, Eric Perfect, Joel Rivers, Christian Maes, and front cover by Aaron Rayborn. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

This issue opens with Alan King's The Time I Shit My Pants at a Motorhead Show, a moving tale of teenage adventure packed with so much passion and recklessness that it leads one young starry eyed man to an unexpected stinky situation. Eric Perfect continues the downward spiral of reckless behavior with his drug induced paranoid contribution Cocaine Fueled that also coincidentally involves pooping. Joel Rivers Satan's Fantastic Knockers shows us just how far a high school boy will go to see real boobies, and Christian Maes' Captain Catastrophy finishes off this issue of Loud Comix with a short cliffhanger featuring the Capt'n, his manager, and a bunch of pissed off bikers! Erika Lane's short Roxie & Molly pieces pop up between the pages of the longer stories and feature a couple of working girls dealing with work-place violence, feminine odor, and Black History Month!

All of the stories in this issue, as in the first two issues, are original, entertaining, and well worth the price of admission. The hand lettering of the text, titles, and sound effects keep this comix true to its underground influences. Plugging Jamie Vayda's old-school style art into each story charges Loud Comix #3 with the punk rock energy the stories deserve and any comix fan is sure to appreciate!

Rock out with your cock out to Loud Comix at Birdcage Bottom Books

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