The Portable Not My Small Diary

The Portable Not My Small DiaryThe Portable Not My Small Diary is a 212-page, color covers, B&W interior, perfect bound, digest size small press #comics autobio anthology published by Delaine Derry Green.

The Portable Not My Small Diary is an auto-bio anthology showcasing the work of 88 artists and writers, collected from all 17 past issues of NMSD!  Delaine writes that many of the previous NMSD issues are out of print, so this is a great opportunity to see all the talented contributors that have helped Delaine keep NMSD going over the years!

This collection features stories on relationships, horror, automobiles and so many other subjects.  And with the large number of writers and artists represented within the 212 pages the styles are just as varied as the themes of the autobiographical tales!  You'll find everything from simple, crudely drawn comics (though not many, and the ones in here are not bad) to very polished sequential art.  The writing covers a range of styles too.  Some are written in a very matter-of-fact manner, while others are loaded with emotional details and charged with energy.  Just the personal signature you would expect to find on each story in a collection such as this.

For me it was great finding stories in The Portable Not My Small Diary from writers and artists that I had long lost contact with.  To see and read their work again rekindled fond memories of my early experiences in the comic and zine scene.  And to make things even better, Delaine has included not only the contributor's name and original publication date along the footer of their respective pages, but also included website information when available!  So, this huge comic not only entertains but also serves as a small press directory!

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