Catfish is a 90-page, full size B&W comic with color covers written and illustrated by John T Howard and published by Short and Curly Graphics 

This highly polished indie comic is a retrospective of John T Howard’s work featuring his imaginary Cajun cutie…Catfish! John takes us back over the past 30 years as he caricatures himself recounting how Catfish came into being and evolved over the years into the strong, dominating, and statuesque heroine she is today. Along the trip John, his buddy, and Catfish hunt badgers, encounter zombies, ride motorcycles, deal with hoodoo, survive the end of the world, and bag groceries!

Through it all John provides examples of his developing style and insight on how the various characters and stories came about. He also introduces us to other characters, such as Death Man and Clutch, and reminiscences about being engaged to a porn star and working for Al Goldstein in the pages of Screw!

This collection really captures John’s development as an artist, starting back in his teenage years and progressing through today. John splendidly illustrates Catfish with clean and precise lines that bring his characters to life in believable and at times absurd settings. John’s amusing writing breathes life into his characters establishing individual personalities and pulling the reader into the story for the long haul. Catfish is a fascinating and entertaining look at the creative process stretched out over three decades that any fan of comics is sure to enjoy!

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