Betty Paginated #34

Betty Paginated #34 (Spring 2015) is a 12-page, full size ADULT zine with B&W interior. Edited and published by Dann Lennard and printed by Storm Publishing

Dann starts this issue of Betty Paginated with a little planning of what music will be played at his funeral. After the funerary arrangements Dann introduces us readers to Serbian-born performance artist Marina Abramovic. Dann gives a nice overview of some of her performances that help to define who she is for those of us not in the know. The description really piqued my interest and sent me to Google to learn more! Next we’re treated to the strange and somewhat disturbing video Blank Room Soup. Again, Dann manages to write an intriguing piece about this weird video and even gives us a few pics to feed our curiosity. Other topics covered in Betty Paginated #34 included saying goodbye to a well-worn briefcase, the criminally crazy Kray brothers of London’s underworld in the ‘50s and ‘60s, zine and movie reviews, and finally a funny cautionary tale about a bad review of a comic and a creator with anger issues that apparently doesn’t have the balls to accept criticism!

Betty Paginated is an entertaining zine with an eclectic mix of subjects all expertly described by Dann in a manner that makes you want to read more! Visit Dann’s world at the following:

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