La Mano del Destino #4

La Mano del Destino #4 is a 24-page, standard size, full color comic written and illustrated by J. Gonzo and published by Castle and Key Publications.

It’s the 4th installment of the La Mano del Destino series and this time we take a look back at La Mano del Destino’s mysterious trainer and the events that brought him to his current station in life. Leading up to the trainer’s revelations our hero must decide if he should engage in an unsanctioned match that could destroy everything he has been working toward.

J. Gonzo builds on his well-written wrestling story and continues to entertain with action packed art! Gonzo’ sense of timing, story pacing, and bold colorful art make this comic a great read and pleasure to look at! Learn the story behind the story at and find the mighty Luchadore between bouts at

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