Catacumba #1 – Dreadful Stairs

Catacumba #1 – Dreadful Stairs is a 36-page, standard size, horror comic with full color covers and B&W interior. Written and illustrated by Kiko Garcia, published by KIKOMICS at

Here’s a unique collection of three tales of terror…all dealing with horrific happenings on staircases! First up is “Gaspar.” It’s about a married couple that moves into a mansion that three decades earlier was the scene of an unsolved murder! Now the couple find themselves haunted by a voice calling out from the dark! What horror lurks outside the bedroom door on the dark staircase?!

Next up is “Terror na Escada.” This tale takes us to Sao Paulo in the 1920’s. There we find a couple of would be thieves planning a jewelry heist in an almost abandoned building. Aside from the robbers there’s an old keeper that still occupies the place, and he warns the criminals that evil lives in the building, in the staircase! Will they heed the old man’s warning or will their treacherous ways trip them up?!

Lastly we have “Um Corpo que Sobe.” This one spins a twisted yarn about a writer. A writer that allows himself to get a little too absorbed in his own story, and that leads to a brilliant ending!

The three stories that make up Catacumba #1 are a great mix of unrelated spooky tales all set around a central theme and each hosted by the rotting character Ivo Mortov! The stories are well paced so as to take the reader down dark corridors with unknown frights awaiting, then reveal an unexpected ending with a terror filled twist! The art is clean and bold with deep shadows and great, consistently recognizable characters. The facial expressions, movement, and background details are all superb and come together to make this one attractive horror comic!

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