You Don’t Get There From Here #35

You Don’t Get There From Here #35 is a 32-page, B&W, memoir minicomic in diary form written & illustrated by Carrie McNinch.

This issue of Carrie’s minicomic diary covers the events of Carrie’s life from mid-October ’14 through mid-December ’14. Each page contains a few illustrated panels describing a memorable event, the date, and a song with the recording artist identified. In October we find Carrie dealing with anxiety as she readies herself for a trip to Mexico to visit her friend and fellow comic creator Steve Lafler at his home in Oaxaca. Once their Carrie’s daily diary entries are filled with descriptions and cartoons of enjoying good food, good company, and good mescal! A counter balance hanging in the air throughout Carrie’s enjoyable time in Mexico are the protests, demonstrations, and other activities surrounding the 43 missing students from the Ayotzinapa Teachers’ College. Once back in the states Carrie continues her bouts with anxiety, finds comfort through acupuncture, takes care of a cute little toddler, deals with menopause, visits Disney Land, worries about her aging parents, and spends time with her two cats that happen to be able to talk to her!

Carrie illustrates “You Don’t Get There From Here” with simple and appealing line drawings using little variation in weight and some gray tones to give depth. The art captures the lighthearted mood in which Carrie describes her day-to-day activities. The writing is full of details but not burdened with them, and individual events are contained to one or two pages. Carrie’s approach finds a great balance between words and pictures that makes “You Don’t Get There From Here” an entertaining and engaging minicomic that’s hard to put down!

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