Catacumba #2 – Macabre Blondes

Catacumba #2 – Macabre Blondes is a 40-page, standard size, horror comic with full color covers and B&W interior. Written and illustrated by Kiko Garcia, published by Kikomics Quadrinhos Independentes.

The theme of issue two of Catacumba is supernatural blondes! Our host, Ivo, starts things off with a quick tussle that ends in gunfire and a hole in someone’s head! After the introductory bloodshed we’re treated to “Alfarrabista.” A collector of old books reflects on all he has been through as he prepares to end a curse one late night. Will the knowledge gained from the many books set him free, or does the mysterious reflection in the mirror on the wall have other plans?

The second tale in Catacumba is “Revelacao Maldita.” In this one we find a blonde haunting a school bathroom. A young boy died there in the past and now the principal calls in a photographer to capture the ghostly image on film. Is there’s more to this picture than meets the photographer’s eye?! What secrets are hid away in the schoolhouse?! And does the principal really want to expose what lies in the shadows of his school?!

The last spooky story in this collection is actually two tales involving “A Loira do Asfalto.” In both unfortunate fellows meet their demise thanks to a ghostly blonde along the roadside. In one it’s a detective looking for a fugitive, but he finds more than he expected! In the next two guys fight over money only to have their dispute decided by the specter of a blonde girl standing in the road!

Once again Catacumba is an eerily entertaining mix of terror tales neatly written around a common creepy theme! Kiko’s art has a strong dramatic contrast between the black and white colors used throughout the interior pages. The use of bold lines and thick shadows contribute nicely to the scary mood of the stories and pull the reader deeper and deeper into the Catacumba!

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