Yet Another Ask a Cat

Yet Another Ask a Cat is a 24-page, digest size, B&W humor comic written & illustrated by Charles Brubaker.

Here’s a comical collection of cat cartoons built around readers’ questions. Readers write in and ask a cat questions. Charles then illustrates the cat’s answer in a multi-panel, single page comic. The subjects covered in this collection include: The relationship between cats and dogs; What flying cats would do; The paradox of Schrodinger’s cat; Cat divorce; Cats and snow; Hunting turkeys; Walking catfish; Strange dreams; and more! And an added bonus closing out this comic is the New Adventures of Cat-Man!

Charles never fails to deliver funny, skillfully drawn, cartoons! His sense of timing and gag driven jokes ensure Yet Another Ask a Cat is an entertaining read with clean art, and it’s all ages appropriate! You can Ask a Cat yourself at and check out more at and

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