White Cell Inoculation - Chapter 1

White Cell Inoculation - Chapter 1 http://bit.ly/1PNm1ih is a 26-page, full color comic written & illustrated by Nick Melanshek, published by Free Fall Comics

*** Release Date 2 Feb 16! ***

In a distant future humanity has made enormous advances in medicine and overcome disease. Now with the promise of immortality looming on the horizon, it’s mankind’s advances that have pushed humanity beyond its capabilities to sustain itself! On this fragile plane of existence an organization known as Nexus and its White Cells represent the only hope for humanity. Secret wars rage, conspirators hatch plans, and a mysterious entity known as The West threatens all!

Nick’s writing is filled with intrigue and action. He nicely lays out a dystopian world on the brink of oblivion. Characters are well established and introduced to the reader in a logical and unforced manner. The underlying theme of the comic drives the story as the central conflict is explained and the competing parties are defined. As the story unfolds Nick writes in unexpected twists that add a degree of uncertainty and blur the supposed goals and objectives of each side.

Nick carries this sense of ambiguity further through the comic by illustrating the tale in a bold, coarse manner awash in pale subtle tones. The art conveys the fractured state of humanity while moving the story forward in dramatic fashion and skillfully framing the action with a limited and effective palette of colors!

You can enter the world of White Cell Inoculation at http://on.fb.me/1UzHB83 and http://bit.ly/1PNm1ih

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1PNm25G

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