Review: Croak #1

Croak #1 is a 28-page, full color, standard size, horror comic written by Cody Andrew Sousa, illustrated by Francesco Iaquinta, colors by Chris O’Halloran, lettering and design by Dezi Sienty, and edited by Dan Sheppard. Published by Alterna Comics

Three friends head out into the woods on a camping trip. After hiking for some distance they realize they haven’t brought everything they intended, but rather than turning back they decide to settle in for the night. While gathered around the campfire telling spooky stories a strange sound calls out from the darkness. Soon the three find themselves running through the shadows of the trees and into the perilous clutches of the unknown! 

There’s plenty of character development in this first issue of Croak. Each of the three friends are given unique personalities and their own roles within the group. The dialogue between them flows naturally and has a real sense of authenticity. The art captures a nighttime feeling with a consistent undercoat of blue and deep shadows. The outdoors setting is realistically depicted with leafy swaying trees, tall grass, and late night skies. The layout and composition of the action is also well done through the use unique panel shapes and sizes and the effective use of white space on the pages. 

You can walk into the night and discover what’s hiding in Croak #1 at and find more from Alterna Comics at

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