Earwig & Maggot: Make a Mini

Earwig & Maggot: Make a Mini http://bit.ly/1uMMQYG is an 8-page, digest size B&W comic with cutout cardstock covers. Written & illustrated by Reset Survivor. 

Earwig and Maggot (two insects living inside the head of, and controlling, a dead guy) decide to take their zombie out for a walk and see a sign advertising ‘Mini Comic Day.” Misunderstanding what that means and expecting to be entertained by short comedians, the walking corpse with bugs for brains ventures into a comic shop and soon the characters are breaking the fourth wall ridiculing their own narrator! 

You can crawl into a dead head with Earwig & Maggot and find more from Reset Survivor at http://bit.ly/1uMMQYG

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2cW8TYk

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