Whispers in Necropolis #1

Whispers in Necropolis #1 http://bit.ly/2dgfr66 is a 44-page, full color, horror anthology created by Luis Torres, edited by Liana Gutierrez, and published by Codex Entertainment. Cover art by Nicoleta Stavarache. 

Here are four fright filled tales brought to you by the ghastly “Storyteller” of Grimsmont City, home of the Grimsmont City University Reapers football team! First we stop in at Mr. Townson’s Pizza & Games, written by Heath West with art by Nestor Tahtiado and Tomasz Witas. In this pizzeria a disgruntled employee, expecting to get his pink slip, accidentally finds the secret ingredient to success! Then we pay a visit to Lili: The Demoness, written by Luis Torres with art by Bryan Golden. In the dark where bad things happen to good people a sword slinging demoness named Lili steps out of the shadows! In this piece Lili cuts bad guys down to size while protecting the innocent, all in a night’s work! Next we learn of The Ballad of Crying Jack, written by Luis Torres with art by Marc Oliver. In this one a social worker provides not only a watchful eye over an abused child, but also a little something extra to deliver protection to those in need! And the Storyteller closes out this tome of terror with Lechuza, written by Luis Torres with art by Joseba Morales. This is a unique take on Mexican folklore about a woman that can turn into an owl-like creature. In this take on the legend the Lechuza terrorizes all those that hear her whistle…unless they know grandma’s secret! 

In Whispers in Necropolis Luis Torres gives us a great collection of tales with creepy twists. Each story has a unique theme and stands on its own, however Luis aptly wraps the threads of one tale into another establishing an underlying continuity that holds the entire compilation together along with the narrator. The talented artists featured in this anthology also contribute a nice mixture of sinister styles that complement the horror subjects of their respective stories and keeps the comic creepy! 

You can listen for Whispers in Necropolis at http://bit.ly/2dgfr66 and http://bit.ly/2cZ38Je

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2dgd0R4

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