Grey Area – Our Town

Grey Area – Our Town is a 32-page, full color comic written and illustrated by Tim Bird. Published by Avery Hill Publishing

I must admit it took me a few pages before I understood what was going on in this comic, but once I reached that point all became clear. This is a story about relationships and memories. About paths crossing and lives overlapping to form new and shared paths through life. And it’s all told through the wonders of flight and around the art of origami. This is a very original approach to storytelling and it relies more on the imagery than on the few words that accompany the story. 

The art is simple and colored with pale tones. The simplicity aids in making the story accessible on a personal level and brings the reader into the innocence and affection that exist between the characters. A more polished and detailed rendering would have pushed the reader away and severed the feeling of intimacy that Tim has managed to capture in Grey Area – Our Town

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