The Adventures of Mac and Trouble #1

The Adventures of Mac and Trouble #1 (UK Edition) is a 43-page, B&W humor comic with full color covers created by Rusty Gilligan with art by Dan Gorman, Terry Pavlet, Michael Grassia, Jim Taylor, and Rusty. Lettering by E.T. Dollman, MaGnUS, and Arthur Gibson. Published by WP Comics

Mac and Trouble are based on Rusty’s real house cats, but in the comic series they have fallen through a wormhole in their litter box and find themselves in the middle of the nexus of realities! In this issue we get three chapters of the adventure. First we start with “The Origin” where Mac and Trouble get recruited to be agents of the mysterious “Studio” that enables them to pop in and out of realities across time and space! Then we move on to “Never Say No To Trouble” where our fearless feline fighters are tasked with their first mission, but first Trouble would like some Orange Juice. In “Nazi Hobgoblins at the Core of the Cosmos,” Mac and Trouble travel back in time where a spontaneous bird chase lands them in the midst of gangsters! 

Rusty and crew deliver a funny, reality bending cat comedy in The Adventures of Mac and Trouble! The writing is chocked full of humor and wise cracks. The main characters are skillfully portrayed with an uneven relationship in which Mac plays the straight man to Trouble’s comic role. This comedic duo works perfect together as they seamlessly transition from one outlandish setting to the next! The art chores are handled equally as well as the different artists take turns rendering these crazy cats in bold lines and multi-paneled pages while maintaining a comic strip look and feel! 

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