NiX Rock ‘N Roll Quarterly #9

NiX Rock ‘N Roll Quarterly #9 is a 32-page, standard size, full color rock and roll themed horror comic anthology with writing and art from Ken Eppstein,Michael Neno, Gideon Kendall, Pat Redding Scanlon, Christian Hoffer, Andy Bennett, Mark Rudolph, Matt Wyatt, Matt Miner, Jude Vigants, Taylor Esposito, and cover art by The Cramps cover artist Stephen Blickenstaff. 

Verna’s Somnabulant Adventure, written by Ken Eppstein and illustrated by Gideon Kendall. This beautifully illustrated story reveals the unexpected, hard marketing approach that can emerge when you mix The Beatles with a little Haitian voodoo! 

In The Shoplift Horror, written by Christian Hoffer and illustrated by Andy Bennett, a hooded 8-track enthusiast steps out of the shadows and into the last record store on earth one night in search of a rare Bee Gees tape, but his wandering hand seems to be intent on taking hold of something even more obscure…and sinister! 

Next The Vicar takes down a werewolf while his assistant tokes on some weed and talks to a dog in Whispers from the Alley, written by Ken Eppstein and illustrated by Michale Neno! 

Then Hellhounds On My Trail, written by Ken Eppstein and illustrated by Pat Redding Scanlon, finds the devilish Ana Tatsura at the crossroads between Hither and Yon when a greaser in a hot rod offers her a ride, but picks up more than he can handle! 

NiX Rock ‘N Roll Quarterly #9 has all that plus the (real life) ramblings of Ned at the Bus Stop, Stan Lee meeting bodybuilder rocker Jon Mikl Thor in Did It Really Happen, and some news from Nix Comics’ own Ken Eppstein in Holy Snot! 

Great storytelling combined with various styles of outstanding art – including a cover by Stephen Blickenstaff, the artist that did The Cramps’ Bad Music for Bad People – makes NiX Rock ‘N Roll Quarterly #9 an enjoyable page flipper loaded with dark humor, horror, and of course…Rock ‘N Roll! 

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