Freelancers #1

Freelancers #1 is a 30-page, standard size, full color, superhero comic created by Roger Bonet with art by Ivan Arnal, colors by Rafa Barragan, and lettering by Henar Casal. Published by WP Comics Ltd

In Giant City super heroics has become a money making spectacle for eager fans tuned in to watch over the top battles, and one man has assembled a team to keep the masses entertained! Get ready for the Freelancers! A group of super powered beings ready and willing to go toe-to-toe in front of the cameras with any menace threatening the city! But these super dupers aren’t exactly what they seem, as a new member learns as his eyes are opened to the truth behind the Freelancers! 

This is a great new take on the superhero story, and it fits perfectly in this day and age of celebrity worship and media overload. It has greed, fame, violence, and fully developed characters with layered personalities. It unapologetically depicts what the real world would be like if superpowers were an added ingredient in a capitalist political system! 

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