Nutso Toons #2

Nutso Toons #2 is a 36-page, full size, ADULTS ONLY, B&W comic anthology featuring various artists. Published by ARG! Cartoon Animation

Here’s an anthology featuring a bunch of underground comix pioneers. The first issue of Nutso Toons was a mini-comic published by Everyman Studios back in 1979, now more than 30 years later the second issue is out! This issue features an inside cover painting by Rick Berry, a wrap-around cover and 5-page previously unpublished story “Squork & Ortney” by Artie Romero, 10 pages by underground comix legend Skip Williamson, plus comix and art from Jay Lynch, Rick Berry, MK Brown, Spain, Dan O'Neill, Darrel Anderson, Bob Vojtko, Jim Siergey and more! 

If you dig old-school underground comix, you’ll dig Nutso Toons #2! Get your inked stained mitts on this underground collection of who’s who at and find more from ARG! at

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at

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