Go West #2

Go West #2 http://buff.ly/2kCHHjd is a 27-page, standard size, full color comic written by Garrett Gunn with interior art by Saint Yak, letters by HDE, cover art by Saint Yak, and cover colors by Sean Forney. Published by Forged Vision Studios and Alterna Comics

A ruthless figure seeks to control all of the western territories through fear, intimidation, and murder. One woman dares to stand in his way along with her town that’s too tough to die! Can they and their mysterious ally stop their land from following into clutches of a madman, or will evil prevail and claim the entire western territory? 

The writing pulls the reader into the action quickly and introduces the conflict at hand as two sides reach an impasse and begin plotting against each other. The art in this comic is amazing! Each character is uniquely drawn with an individual body type, facial characteristics, and dress. The lighting, pale coloring, and hatching really brings an old west feel to the imagery that firmly establishes a consistent setting. Saint Yak’s understanding of anatomy makes every pose and shadow look natural and totally believable. The background detail also fits seamlessly into each panel with purpose and never distracts from the story or rest of the art. 

You can visit the old west and stake your own claim in the pages of Go West at http://buff.ly/2kCHHjd and find more at http://bit.ly/2kmt9XU and http://bit.ly/2kKIM9z

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2kmHQue

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