Trespasser (collected edition)

Trespasser (collected edition) is a 106-page, standard size, full color, science fiction and dystopian comic written by Justin M. Ryan, with art by Kristian Rossi, and lettering by DC Hopkins. Published by Alterna Comics

This 100+ page comic tells the frightening story of a man and his young daughter trying to survive on their own in a world turned upside down. Society has broken down and most people have sought out safety in the few sanctuaries that exist. Radiation levels have spiked making some food sources unfit for consumption and causing mutations in other living things. Thinking he and his daughter could best survive alone, the father decides they will remain at their remote family home. There the two grapple with the hardships of self-sustainment and isolation…then the Trespasser shows up. Soon the pair find themselves involved in an alien encounter that goes horribly wrong for all involved! 

This collected edition is an outstanding and fast read! The 100+ pages fly by as the characters, story, and terrific art capture your imagination. I really enjoyed the way the story was told. It’s obvious there’s a backstory that explains how things got to where they are, but that’s not addressed in any detail. Instead the story focuses on a father trying to protect a little girl. As the reader I was picked up and transported to the remote home of the characters and I only knew what they knew, and that was a great way to experience Trespasser! 

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