Bloke’s Terrible Tomb of Terror #16

Bloke’s Terrible Tomb of Terror #16 is a 56-page, magazine size, B&W interior, color covers, horror anthology. Cover art by Mike Hoffman. Stories by Jason “The Bloke” Crawley, Juan Iglesias Roncero, and Robert Flood, with art by Juan Carlos Abraldes Rendo, Nik Poliwko, Santos Zaballos, Jeff Austin, Marc Gras Cots, Paul Abrams, and Daerick Gross Sr. Editorial assistance provided by Keith Braun. 

In this issue we’re treated to “A Sporting Chance” in which a hunter is invited to take aim at a most unusual prey! Then we have “Into the Wychwood” where space travelers in the future find a planet with an earth-like environment…but all is not like it seems! Next we wander into a “Witches’ Storm” where two students of the dark arts battle it out for what each perceives as their rightful place, while their sons inherit the unexpected consequences of the melee! Then it’s not all marital bliss in “Mistakes of the Heart” as things get fishy when a dad to be suspects he’s part of a lover’s triangle! Later we visit an “Old Haunt” as a building owner learns the importance of reading the small print when he enters into a contract with a ghost removal service! And finally in “The One That Didn’t Get Away” a fisherman hooks the big one and comes to appreciate fishing from a different perspective with a little help from an extraterrestrial hand! 

The Bloke does it again with this eclectic collection of horror stories that take us from the eerie expanses of outer space to the cold grounds of a cemetery. Each story serves up a frightfully fresh twist as The Bloke guides us through the petrifying pages and unpredictable perils that weave their way through this anthology. The various artists each bring their own impressive style to the stories and beautifully illustrate them with fantastic use of gray screens, clean bold lines, and detailed line work! 

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