Whispers in Necropolis #2

Whispers in Necropolis #2 http://bit.ly/2cZ38Je is a 44-page, full color, horror anthology created by Luis Torres, edited by Liana Gutierrez, and published by Codex Entertainment. Cover art by Nicoleta Stavarache with center poster by Luis Torres. 

Luis Torres and Nestor Tahtiado bring us “Fair Game,” a story about a man with no regard for the treatment of animals that finds the tables turned when he awakes in a world where he’s no longer at the top of the food chain! 

Then, in another story, the same creative team introduces us to “Vy.” A cute little dog with a special connection to her human caretaker…a connection that nothing can come between, not even a girlfriend that’s losing her mind! 

Later, Luis, Beena Parikh, and Joseba Morales take us out on the water in “High & Dry” where secret lovers plot to get rid of a spouse and take his millions, but an unexpected turn of events leads to madness, and madness leads to…?! 

Finally Luis and Nestor give us a night out with the girls in “The Divination” where a couple of gals decide to sneak out of the house and into a cemetery for some innocent tombstone rubbings, but they soon find themselves with much more to deal with! 

In this second installment of Whispers in Necropolis we are once again treated to a collection of imaginative and frightful horror stories! Each tale takes on a unique and relatable subject, then turns it on its head with a horrific twist! The artistic team does a great job of depicting realistic characters, backgrounds, and settings that skirt the margins between the normalcies of everyday life and the haunting shadows of the underworld! 

You can find Whispers in Necropolis at http://bit.ly/2cZ38Je and find more at http://bit.ly/2dgfr66

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