White Cell Inoculation Chapter 2

White Cell Inoculation Chapter 2 http://www.freefallcomics.bigcartel.com/ is a 28-page, full color, futuristic mystery comic written and illustrated by Nicholas Melanshek.

In the second part of this futuristic saga a wanted doctor is pursued by two warring factions. One wants to use her skills to control people, the other wants her help in healing people, but all is not as it seems. Suspicions abound, secret deals are made, and loyalties are questioned as opposing groups maneuver to implement their own agendas and control the course of the future!

Nick spins a tale full of interesting characters and intrigue. Each character is given an individual personality and a unique motivation that drives their actions. Their respective groups are masked in mystery with only hints at their true intentions being revealed as the story plays out. Nick’s art is bold and distinctive. His lines range from smooth and rounded to rough and jagged, each highlighted with deliberate strokes of analogous color. Nick’s art really captures the eye and pulls the reader into the story!

You can join the scheming of White Cell Inoculation at http://www.freefallcomics.bigcartel.com/ and find more at https://www.facebook.com/whitecellinoculation/

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