The Fuzzy Princess #6

The Fuzzy Princess #6 is a 24-page, standard size, full color humor comic written and illustrated by Charles Brubaker and published by Smallbug Press

It’s movie night for the purple, royal cat Katrina and her friends! Nothing can spoil this night…except maybe a misplaced magical tail, a scheming caged mouse, sleepy movie watchers, and a careless midnight snacker! Katrina’s enemies join forces and plot against the talking cat in the sixth issue of The Fuzzy Princess! Also, readers get some sage advice in Dear Cat, and the ever mischievous Koko is up to more hijinks in A Witch Named Koko! 

Charles can always be counted on to serve up polished, fresh all-ages funnies in the pages of The Fuzzy Princess! You can get your funny bone tickled by The Fuzzy Princess at and find more from Charles Brubaker at and

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