Copy This! #41

For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Copy This! #41. This issue is a 44-page, B&W info/news mini comic zine published by D. Blake Werts. Cover by Jim Siergey. 

In this installment of Copy This! D. Blake Werts interviews the ever funny and entertaining Jim Siergey! As the two settle in we learn about Jim’s sports team allegiances and his childhood memories of TV, cartoons, drawing and comics. Jim goes on to explain the lasting impact humor and surrealism had on him as an impressionable kid, and why he had to draw in secret. He also shares some not-so-fond memories of school and his home life, but happily things improved as Jim entered adulthood and followed his art interests into the classroom of an underground comix legend! We then learn about Jim’s career in animation and comics, as well as a few other odd jobs. Blake then gets Jim to explain his approach to creating art and his usual process. Jim also provides some of his personal observations on freelancing, working for hire, working for fun, collaborating, and outside interests. Jim makes mention throughout the interview of his friendship and working relationship with the late Tom Roberts, and says of all his various projects he is most proud of the time he spent on Cultural Jet Lag working with Tom. 

Following the interview with Jim Siergey is the community news and info section that update us on the current offerings from: Adam Yeater (One Last Day, Pleomorphism); Brian Leonard (Odd Mojo); Brian Payne (Zinc Comics Codex); Carrie McNinch (You Don’t Get There From here); Charles Brubaker (Fuzzy Princess, Ask a Cat); David Miller (Toadstool Tales); George Erling (Cartoon Loonacy); Ian Shires (Time Trvlr); Jacob Alvarez (Hypnospiral Comics); Jeff Gaither (Monsters & Mutants); Jenny Zervakis (Strange Growths); Maximum Traffic/Buzz Buzzizyk (Truth Be Known); Steve Lafler (Death in Oaxaca); and Stuart Stratu (Stratu’s Diary Comics). 

To get your hands on Copy This! and for more info contact: 

D. Blake Werts
12339 Chesley Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277
or email Blake at: bwerts (at) vnet (dot) net

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