Ancient Daze

Ancient Daze is a 28-page, full color, action fantasy comic written and illustrated by Tobey Truestory.

In this sword slinging saga two women do battle on the local city bus while the other passengers seem oblivious to what’s transpiring right before their eyes! The bus driver however does take notice that the ladies can’t seem to keep to their seats and he delivers several stern warnings! In the midst of mass transit enthusiast, repeated warnings, and scheduled stops, the two sword wielding warriors lunge, pivot, and parry as they argue about a man! The action spills through the retractable doors and out onto the streets where the true reason for the battle is revealed!

Ancient Daze is described by its creator as an “8bit/cell shaded action manga.” I think that pretty accurately describes the look. The shading and manga elements give the comic a unique look that serves the story well. The action is moved along nicely and continued at a steady pace through the effective page layouts, use of motion lines, and excellent framing of key events!

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