Goatherded http://bit.ly/2cFy2XG is a 36-page, full color comic written and illustrated by Charlo Frade. Published by Avery Hill Publishing

“A boy. A strange planet. The urge to step out of the boundaries and explore. To fly. To ascend. But what happens after ascent? What happens when you land? And what happens when you find yourself in a place where your dreams are no one’s but your own?” 

That’s the description provided by the publisher and I don’t think I could do any better. In this strange story we follow a boy through a dreamlike series of events that introduce him to a goat and a talking flower. Naked people crawl out of translucent cubes, horned beings in robes drink soda, and things explode! 

The art has a fluid quality to it that strengthens the dreamlike vibe of the story. The pale colors and thin lines reinforce the illusory feeling, as if the boy is on the verge of waking from a dream or falling off the edge of a reality tenuously held together by a fraying thread. Goatherded is an intriguingly weird comic bursting with the bizarre! 

You can find Goatherded at http://bit.ly/2cFy2XG and find more from Charlo Frade at http://bit.ly/2p2PWIc

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2oUpgwm


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