Bearqueft Comix #1

Bearqueft Comix #1 is a 32-page, B&W with cardstock covers, digest size comic written and illustrated by Charlie Haggard. 

In this delightful digest sized mini-comic Charlie brings Planet Man down to earth as the otherworldly hero explains how he came to be among us and the troubles he’s encountered trying to help others. We also meet a couple of critics as they debate the artistic merits of “Jerry” in his various cartoon appearances. Then a shy robot gets invited to a party, and Slumcat encounters some trouble while looking for a little scratch! All these neat pieces plus much more make up the keen Bearqueft Comix #1! 

Charlie is a great visual storyteller, allowing his art to speak for itself in some pieces. Others get a more traditional treatment with complete dialogue, but still benefit from Charlie’s skill as an artist. The entire comic has a surreal, underground sense to it that’s just as much fun to read as it is to look at! 

You can get Charlie Haggard’s Bearqueft Comix #1 and find more of his stuff at


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